Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Day at the Races!

So today my dad took me and Adam to Hollywood Park to experience the horse races for the first time. My dad had been there quite a few times when I was growing up, so he showed us the ropes.

Adam and me near the entrance.
It was a big day at the park because today the Kentucky Derby was held (in Kentucky, of course). But we were still able to bet on the Derby and they showed the race on the big screen. We saw six live races and didn't win much on any of them... until Race 10! We each bet $6 dollars (2 on win, 2 on place, and 2 on show) for about 3 horses each. (So $18 dollars total.) Adam and my dad both won about $35 dollars on that race and I won $45... on a horse whose odds were 42-1! The damn horse didn't even win - it came in second, but the payout was so high because of the poor odds.

Horse racing would never in a million years be something that would interest me in the slightest had my dad not taken us, but it was actually really fun and quite interesting! Adam and I want to go back on a Friday because they have live music and $1 beers and hot dogs. ;)

Any day I get to spend with two of my very favorite people is great. :)

Oh! I almost forgot... the horses have such funny names. They were cracking me up all day. Here are some that I can remember:
- Mandated Bliss
- Green Cat
- Hurricane Harbor
- Ms. Sweet Caroline
- Pants On Fire
- Watch Me Go
- Wild Black Cat
- Random Luck

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